Door 4 Montpellier | Door4 meets the Circle Society!
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Door4 meets the Circle Society!

Door4 meets the Circle Society!

“Whisky is undoubtedly the king of spirits – it always was and always will be! The entire process, from the harvest and distillation through to the patient process of ageing, maturing and bottling to handmade cask making; everything is so unique and carries so many stories with it. It’s not dissimilar to human relationships: we are individuals just like every whisky is, and we carry so many stories and experiences with us as we get older just as whisky does.”

I come from Greece where we really value good food, good drinks and sharing them with good company – and that is exactly what I believe whisky to be about; it’s not just a spirit, but an entire experience – and one which I am incredibly passionate about!

Whisky wasn’t made to be stored in shelves or in expensive displays; it has always been made from people for people. It’s something that you appreciate and share with the people that you love.”

Those were the words I wrote for the Compass Box Competition cover letter, and Tom and I were thrilled to be chosen among 12 other pairs across the South West to participate in this amazing and unique competition.

The one and only John Glaser introduced us to his whiskies, his ‘children’ at Milk Thistle in Bristol where he explained and every detail of the whisky making process.

Transparency is his brand, and The Circle Society is made up of like-minded creators, boundary crossers and experimenters. Freethinkers committed to the art of blending, who aren’t afraid to do things differently if it means making things better.

We had the honour to be part of it all and we are really looking forward to preaching the word of Blended Scotch across Cheltenham!